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101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication - the Changing Research Workflow

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posted on 09.01.2015 by Bianca Kramer, Jeroen Bosman

Poster presented at Force 2015

In the fast developing world of scholarly communication it is good to take a step back and look at the patterns and processes of innovation in this field. To this end, we have selected 101 innovations (in the form of tools & sites) and graphically displayed them by year and also according to 6 phases of the research workflow: collection of data & literature, analysis, writing, publishing & archiving, outreach and assessment. This overview facilitates discussion on processes of innovation, disruption, diffusion, consolidation, competition and success, but also of failure and stagnation, over the last 3 decades. We describe some of the trends, expectations, uncertainties, opportunities and challenges within each of the workflow phases. Also, based on the graphical overview we present a juxtaposition of typical traditional, innovative and experimental workflows.

Accompanying material (see links below)

1) Survey on real-world tool usage (open until Feb 2016)

2) Database of 400+ tools (Google Spreadsheet)

3) Database of 101 tools + workflows