• 1GB of private space

    1GB of private space

    taggable and easily filtered, your research data
    is better managed and easy to locate

  • Unlimited public space

    Unlimited public space

    upload to your heart’s content
    the more - the better

  • Publish negative data

    Publish negative data

    all published research is citable

  • Upload all formats

    Upload all formats

    all research outputs welcomed – images, graphs,
    videos, datasets

  • Quick & simple upload

    Quick & simple upload

    upload to your heart’s content
    the more - the better

  • Cloud based

    Cloud based

    Secure and accessible from anywhere

  • API


    An API enables other programs to make use of figshare’s functionality and content. Like with all things figshare, the API is open so that it can be accessed and used by anyone.

  • Desktop uploader

    Desktop uploader

    Storing and sharing your research in the cloud is about to get much easier. With figshare’s desktop uploader you’ll be one click away from making the research open and discoverable.

  • Collaborative spaces

    Collaborative spaces

    Collaboration in research is widespread. figshare is developing a custom built space within your profile to selectively work on projects and share files, publicly and privately.


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