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figshare partners with Open Access mega journal publisher PLOS


PLOS has always been an organisation that we admire here at figshare, which is why we are delighted to announce today our new partnership to aid the visualisation of different types of data across the PLOS journals. figshare will host the supplemental data for all seven PLOS journals, as well as provide a widget that will enable PLOS users to view data in the articles in the browser alongside the content.

“PLOS believes in making data as visible and useful as possible,” said Kristen Ratan, Chief Publishing and Product Officer at PLOS. “Partnering with figshare is an important step in increasing the accessibility of the data associated with our research articles.”

The growing diversity of research outputs has meant that publishers are looking for new ways to incorporate different file types into the research article. An example of this can be seen in Elsevier’s article of the future project. figshare is looking to easily integrate with publishers to help them improve the submission process of different research formats, at a time when author preference is becoming a key factor in academic publishing.

This move illustrates PLOS’ continued innovation in the academic publishing space, with a focus on catering to the needs of their authors. The new functionality on PLOS also allows the files to be discovered through a portal on figshare which will go live in the coming weeks. The partnership will also help PLOS fulfil the growing requests from funders for academics to make all of their research outputs available.

“We are delighted to be partnering with PLOS on this project, a publisher with a similar ethos,” said Mark Hahnel, founder of figshare. “We hope this will better enable researchers to do more with the data behind the papers, improving the transparency of the research and aid reproducibility.”

If you have published in PLOS journals before, there is a really good chance that your research outputs will now be on figshare. The good news is that you can add these to your profile and get all of the metrics added to your account. To claim an article on figshare, simply log in, navigate to your articles and click ‘claim article’ at the top.

It has been a busy week here at figshare. If you missed it, we also announced the launch of our figshare Advisors programme. The advisor scheme rewards figshare users who encourage their colleagues to use figshare for both their private cloud based management of research outputs and the ability to get credit for all of their research.

The press release announcing the partnership with PLOS can be found here.

As always, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Please get in touch at or via twitter, facebook or google+.

Comments (51)

  • "To claim an article on figshare, simply log in, navigate to your articles and click ‘claim article’ at the top"

    I found this process to be a bit harder than expected. The search box didn't provide hits to any of my papers using the DOI, title, or lastname plus first initials, all of which would be really helpful to be able to search on.

    In the end, what I found worked was to use the Advanced Search to search on my last name only, selecting the "fileset" filter type and "authors" search type. Then I had to page through results from the search to find all my PLOS articles.

    Another thing that also worked was to navigate directly to the PLOS article, then scroll to the bottom of the PLOS article and click on the Figshare link in one of the supplements, but this was more labor intensive.

    31/01/2013 14:07    by Casey Bergman

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