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figshare integrates with Symplectic


Academics are constantly battling against their peers to climb the academic ladder. In a similar manner, institutions have to prove to Government and funding bodies that the research they fund is being put to good use at said institution.

Traditionally academic papers have been the currency by which the volume and impact of research is being measured. However, as the complexity and size of academic output increases, funders are now wanting to track different, equally important outputs. The most notable example of this comes from the National Science Foundation (NSF) who recently announced that they would not be measuring an academic’s research performance based on ‘papers’ but instead on ‘products’. This has not gone unnoticed by academic institutions who wish to be able to report on these metrics to the funders.

Symplectic is a fellow Digital Science company that provides a simple solution for institutions to quantify their outputs. Having focused on papers, they are now branching out into several areas of academic impact. One of these is dataset. Today, we are announcing Symplectic’s partnership with figshare to pull through the metrics on academic’s datasets. This innovative move ensures that their Symplectic Elements product stays ahead of the curve as a solution for institutions.

figshare is now available as a data source in Elements. Once users have configured their connection with figshare, their public datasets will automatically be pulled in to populate their Elements account.

This ties in well with figshare’s newest offering, the institutional edition. Following several enquiries from Universities and Colleges around the world, figshare is now working with institutions to provide their academics with the following features:

  • Large amounts of secure private storage space and unlimited public space
  • Detailed metrics on publicly available data
  • Ability to push research to any internal repository
  • Subject categorisation per department
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Create your own institutional repo:
  • All data is citable, visualisable, embeddable and trackable
  • Can be used securely by any number of users

If you represent an institution and would like to hear more about this please get in touch with Mark at

As always, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Please get in touch at or via twitter, facebook or google+.

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