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Christopher Gandrud

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I am a Research Fellow at the Fiscal Governance Centre, Hertie School of Governance (Berlin). My research focuses on the international political economy of public financial and monetary institutions, as well as applied social science statistics. My work has been published in the Review of International Political Economy, the International Political Science Review and the Political Methodologist. I recently published a book on reproducible research with R for Chapman and Hall. I have been a Lecturer in International Relations at Yonsei University (Korea) and a Fellow in Government at the London School of Economics where in 2012 I completed a PhD in political science.


  • Reproducible Research with R and RStudio ISBN: 9781466572843
  • Competing risks and deposit insurance governance convergence DOI:
  • The diffusion of financial supervisory governance ideas DOI:
  • GitHub: A tool for social data set development and verification in the cloud. URL:

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