Socio-economic determinants of eating practices of Ukrainians

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Andreeva, Tatiana; Chagarna, Natalia (2012): Socio-economic determinants of eating practices of Ukrainians. figshare.
Retrieved 20:39, Nov 30, 2015 (GMT)


Socio-economic determinants of eating practices of Ukrainians

Chagarna, Natalia;Andreeva,Tatiana

BACKGROUND: Healthy eating practices are among important public healthgoalsworldwide. We aimed to investigate socio-economic determinants of the nutrition habits of Ukrainian families.

METHODS: Data from the “UKRAINIAN LONGITUDINAL MONITORING SURVEY 2007” were analysed. Factor analysis produced variables characterising eating practices, which were re-coded in binary variables indicating low/high food consumption. The bivariate and multivariate analysis was conducted to identify associations between socio-economic state and eating modes.

RESULTS: Three dimensions of nutrition practices were identified in the factor analysis: “standard diet” variable associated with quantities of most food products consumed, it actually shows how much food in general the household consumes, “fruit-and-vegetable diet”variable was associated with quantities of various fruits and vegetables included in the questionnaire, and “processed-(pre-packed)-food diet” variable was created based on its associations with products like sausage. More “processed” food was consumed by members of households which were generally better-off (equipped with dvd-player, computer (laptop), garage), and Russian-speakers. More plant food was consumed by the households with attributes of rural living (equipped with bottled gas, central or individual system of heating, those who possessed a motorcycleor a truck). The owners of a plot adjacent to rural house or land used for gardening were eating more fruits and vegetables. A small group of well-off urban dwellers (like those possessing tumble-dryers), tend to eat more plant food; however, this group is not numerous.

CONCLUSION: Plant food eating in Ukraine stays a factor of survival rather than healthy eating for those households which dwell in rural areas and have no means to choose foods they want. Those people who achieve better socio-economic [U1] status tend to increase processed food portion of their diets. Only a very small group of affluent Ukrainian citizens tend to eat much fruit and vegetables contributing to U-form relationship between socio-economic status and antioxidant-rich food consumption.

KEYWORDS: eating practices, socio-economic characteristics.

 [U1]It would be nice to choose one variant of spelling of this word at least for this single abstract.

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