J2a-M410 subclades and clusters overview

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Rottensteiner, Christian (2013): J2a-M410 subclades and clusters overview. figshare.

Retrieved 14:39, Dec 01, 2015 (GMT)


Overview of the phylogeny sub of J2a-M410 as researched by citizen scientist projects: FTDNA Projects (SNP results), Genographic Project Geno 2.0, Facebook J2 group, Forums, etc.
v1.2 Update 11 Jan. 2013: Cluster *H is Z2221+
v1.3 Update 7 Feb. 2013:
a) added SNPs known or predicted Z2221+ L24-, Cluster *H is Z2220+
b) added possible SNP split between M410 and L26 by CTS7683 etc. (comparison of N112628 with 14919 and 177694) - PF2631 status unclear
c) added results for a second PF4993+ result. PF5058 moved from approx. P279 to approx. L581. split between PF5007 and PF4993 (by N96297). Position of L581 remains unclear. (Thanks Bonnie for the unreliable SNP correction: my error).
d) A1 Geno2 result ordered. L198 is Z2229-, Cluster *I is Z2227+


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