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Mangan, Mary; Wilson, Mandy; Adam, Laura; Peccoud, Jean (2013): GenoCAD Tutorials. figshare.
Retrieved 22:53, Oct 08, 2015 (GMT)


This tutorial includes two PowerPoint presentations developed by Mary Mangan from OpenHelix. Students should start with the Introduction prior to moving on to the Advanced tutorial. The slides decks include numerous comments that will help students go through the tutorials.

In order to perform the hands on activities students need to download the GenoCAD Training Set. This dataset includes a list of parts and a grammar used as part of the GenoCAD Introductory tutorial.

In order to import this data set in GenoCAD, proceed as follows:

1- Log into GenoCAD, create an account if you don't already have one. 

2- Click on the Parts tab. 

3- Click on the Grammars tab. 

4- Click on the Add/Import Grammar button. 

5- Using the "choose file" button, select the grammar file (.genocad) and click on import grammar. 

6- Click on "use existing icon set" and click on "continue import".

Upon completion of this procedure you should have a new grammar with a library of 37 parts in your workspace.  


The tutorial also includes a series of additional exercises that will be used to reinforce the concepts introduced in the tutorial. 

Please visit the GenoCAD page for videos of the tutotials. 




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