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Naturalistic reach ECoG data

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modified on 25.09.2020, 23:40
Electrocorticography (ECoG) data during detected naturalistic arm movement events for 12 subjects. Movement events are of the wrist contralateral to the hemisphere with electrodes implantated. Data is in MNE-Python epochs format, which includes ECoG recordings, electrode locations, and corresponding behavioral and environmental feature metadata. Files correspond to separate subjects and recording days, and the 'l' or 'r' in the filename indicates the contralateral arm.

File format (see https://mne.tools/dev/generated/mne.Epochs.html):

- epoch._data : ECoG time series segments, centered around contralateral wrist movement onset

- epoch.info['bads'] : indices of channels with abnormal activity during the recording day (based on high standard deviation or kurtosis)

- epoch.metadata : pandas dataframe with behavioral/environmental features; also indicates which events are false positives based on manual inspection

- epoch.info['chs'][i]['loc'][:3] : MNI coordinates (x,y,z) of ECoG electrodes


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (FA8750-18-2-0259)

National Science Foundation (1630178 and EEC-1028725)

Sloan Foundation

Washington Research Foundation