CSU MATLAB Bootcamp for faculty!

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We are excited to partner with the CSU in developing modern curriculum to support students in all disciplines. We worked with faculty participants who will receive a small incentive to work with MathWorks experts on their curriculum development to ensure that Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Sciences and other departments integrate MATLAB and Simulink into their courses. The program will also offer opportunities to attend networking events, workshops and conferences with your academic peers. We will explore the concepts of flipping the classroom, automated grading, virtual instruction, hands-on learning projects and more. The end-result will also include the ability for universities to build up student’s computational skills – preparing them for the workforce in a multitude of domains!

In September, we ran a virtual bootcamp for CSU faculty with joint sessions from MathWorks Engineers and CSU faculty members who were a part of our curriculum committee! You can find the videos and presentations below.


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