Systemising & math skills - Bressan Dataset.xlsx (21.44 kB)

Systemising and maths skills - Bressan Dataset.xlsx

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modified on 2018-07-30, 16:04

Data from study testing the relationship between systemising tendencies and self-assessed maths skills, mathematical intelligence, nonmathematical intelligence, sex, and occupation (social sciences vs biological/physical fields).

Systemising tendencies were measured as the score in the 25-item version of the Systemising Quotient (SQ-Short), preserving full scoring (2, 1, -1, -2). Self-assessed mathematical ability was expressed on a 0-10 scale. Mathematical intelligence was measured as the score in the Arithmetic subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised (WAIS-R). Nonmathematical intelligence was measured as the score in the Similarities subtest of the WAIS-R.