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modified on 16.02.2018, 09:56
Data used in 'Facilitated sequence assembly using densely labeled optical
DNA barcodes: a combinatorial auction approach'

DNA kymographs from plasmids obtained from nano-channel based competitive binding assays.

Folder Molecules stores kymographs (in subfolder Raw Kymographs) from 4 different plasmids wtih corresponding sequence (in txt and fasta filenames).

The four plasmids we consider are pEC005A (PLOS005-pEC005A_140429, 13 kymographs), pEC005B (PLOS005-pEC005B_140429, 14 kymographs), p4 2 1.1 (DA32095-P4_2_1.1_170330, 35 kymographs) and pUUH (DA15001-pUUH_150603, 14 kymographs).

Folder Consensus stores time-averaged and clustered and aligned to theory consensus barcodes.

Folder Contigs stores the contigs for pUUH and it's chromosome (DA1500 all both 13.fasta and 28.1.fasta 28.2.fasta)

Folder Lambda stores kymographs for the lambda molecules for each experiment

Folder Chromosomes stores chromosomal sequences for pUUH (pUUH_chromosomal.fasta) and p4 2 1.1 (4_2_1.fsa, contains one long contig and a few shorter ones, we use only the long one in the analysis)