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Vogue Australia Index 1952-2011

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modified on 15.10.2020, 22:39
Vogue Australia was created to celebrate Australian fashion and lifestyle as a branch of one of the most powerful and significant media corporations of the 20th Century. With its near 70-year history in Australia, it has become a priceless source of social and cultural information.

Holdings and frequency of this publication is problematic and irregular which led to the creation of this data set. Information has been obtained by comparing holdings and physically examining every issue of this publication.

The excel spreadsheet includes:
- Frequency issue/month
- Name in sequence (No., Whole No., and Volume) and name differentiation e.g. same last issue of the year called: Christmas in 1962 and December in 1980.
- Holding Location: with emphasis on RMIT Design Archives collection. The RMIT Design Archives contains more than 600 non-bound issues of Vogue Australia. State and National Libraries of Australia contain incomplete bound versions.

Data owner welcomes and feedback, corrections, or amendments as appropriate on this data, as this is not exhaustive.