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Supplementary Figure S2 - Haploid

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modified on 22.03.2016, 22:59
Dfr1 minor allele frequencies called in the diploid and haploid dfr1 variomics pools. Variant allele frequency estimates from the RVD2 model are provided as individual pdf figures for each locus. The pool and position (sacCer3 reference) make up the pdf file title. Each figure shows four time points (T0-T4) along the x-axis and error rate along the y-axis. The filled circles and error bars show that point estimate and posterior 95% Bayesian credible intervals for μj, the locus-specific error rate or variant allele frequency (VAF) in the text, from the model where j indexes the position. The plotted numbers (1, 2, 3) show the locus-specific error rate for the sequencing replicate, θnj in the RVD2 model where n=1, 2, or 3. These figure illustrate the uncertainty in the measurements due to both finite sequencing depth and reproducibility between replicates captured in the model.