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CA1 neuron cell typing results of pciSeq (probabilistic cell typing by in situ sequencing)

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This fileset contains pciSeq analysis results for 28 hippocampi in the study "Probabilistic cell typing enables fine mapping of closely related cell types in situ". It includes 28 tiff images of CA1 region only, 14 jpeg images of coronal sections, 28 MATLAB iss object files with cell calling results and 1 MATLAB GeneSet object containing scRNA-seq data used as prior in cell mapping.

* .mat files
Each mat file contains one MATLAB iss class ( object for one hippocampus. It contains all cell-calling as well as base-calling results.

* .tif images
Each tif image is the DAPI stain from one hippocampal CA1 region, with DAPI-based segmentation lines shown on top of the grayscale image.

* .jpg images
Each jpg image is stitched DAPI image of a full coronal section.