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The homeService corpus v1.0

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modified on 2016-04-05, 15:33
The homeService corpus is a new English database of realistic audio recorded from speakers with severe dysarthria which  has been gathered as part of the Natural Speech Technology (NST) showcase, named homeService. 

The majority of the corpus is recorded in real home environments where voice control is often the normal means by which users interact with their devices.

The homeService corpus v1.0 is the first release of the audio recorded within the homeService project and it consists of audio recordings of dysarthric speech from 5 different subjects (three male, two female).
Each subject's set is composed by two subsets: enrolment data (ER) and interaction data (ID). A 16kHz mono audio resulting from the beam-formed combination of the 6 channels recorded with a microphone array is provided along with manual and automatic transcriptions.

An agreement with University of Sheffield has to be signed to use the data.

Audio cannot be redistributed under any circumstance.

To download the homeService corpus please send a request to


EPSRC EP/I031022/1