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Source Data: Wing damage affects flight kinematics but not flower tracking performance in hummingbird hawkmoths

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modified on 2021-06-04, 14:18
This is the supplementary data for the manuscript "Wing damage affects flight kinematics but not flower tracking
2 performance in hummingbird hawkmoths." (currently under review)

Kinetmatic_data.csv contains the body and wing morphology of individuals from the different treatments, the wing beat frequency and peak-to-peak amplitude (projected in dorsal camera view), the distance between thorax and abdomen and the length of the flight track relative to the length of the path of the flower they track, as well as the average absolute distance between animal and flower.

Tracking_performance.csv contains the tracking error in the analysed frequencies, as well as summary data for the tracking error, and the wing beat kinematics as well as body and wing morphometric measures of the animals in this analysis.

flight_model_suppl_data.csv contains the wing beat kinematics and morphometric measures required for a model of lift force and mechanical power. The file also contains the model results.