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Optimization of Turbine Tilt in a Wind Farm

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modified on 16.04.2020, 05:09
Wind farms are severely affected by negative wake interactions between turbines. By optimizing the tilt angle of the turbines in a farm, wakes may be deflected away from downstream turbines, increasing the overall energy production. In this study, we will optimize the tilt angle of turbines in a wind farm to maximize energy production. We will use an analytic wake model modified to consider wake deflection from tilt, and gradient-based optimization. We will consider optimizing the tilt angle of each turbine assuming that it will remain fixed for the lifetime of the farm. We will also consider active tilt control. Preliminary results with optimization of the Princess Amalia Wind Farm show about an 11% increase in the annual energy production. Although these preliminary results only consider one wind farm we expect that considering other wind farms will still result in significant gains.