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Phylogenetic supertree and functional trait database for all extant parrots

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We present a complete dataset from the literature on functional traits including morphological measurements, dietary information, foraging strategy, and foraging location for all 398 extant species of parrots. The morphological measurements include: mass as well as total length, wing chord, culmen, tarsus, and tail length. The diet data describe whether each species is known to consume particular food items (e.g. nectar, berries, and carrion), foraging strategy data describes how each species captures or accesses food, and foraging location describes the habitat from which each species finds food (e.g. ground, canopy, and subcanopy). We also present a time-calibrated phylogenetic supertree that contains all 398 extant species as well as 15 extinct species (413 total species).

Please cite: Kevin R. Burgio, Katie E. Davis, Lindsay M. Dreiss, Laura M. Cisneros, Brian T. Klingbeil, Steven J. Presley, Michael R. Willig, Phylogenetic supertree and functional trait database for all extant parrots, Data in Brief, 2019, 103882, ISSN 2352-3409,


National Science Foundation (NSF) grant #DGE-0753455