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Supporting information for [The role of CO2 in the genesis of Dabie-type porphyry molybdenum deposits]

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modified on 2024-06-07, 07:03
The supporting information (Text S1 to S4) presents additional results, including the concentrations of molybdenum in quenched glasses and equilibrium fluids, as well as complementary discussion of the main text. This supporting information provides data tables for the starting materials of this study (Supplementary Tables 1-2), microthermometric data (Supplementary Table 3), major and trace compositions of quenched glass (Supplementary Table 4), a summary of partitioning coefficient data (Supplementary Table 5), and molding results (Supplementary Table 6), respectively. The supporting information also includes the following figures: the diagram of the experimental set-up (Supplementary Figure 1); comparative results from two measurements (Supplementary Figure 2); LA-ICP-MS signals of brine fluid inclusions (Supplementary Figure 3); and variations in molybdenum concentration in quenched glass and fluid (Supplementary Figure 4)