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Dual-Polarization Radar Rainfall Prediction and Gauge Data

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This data record includes a single data file, Dual Pol and Gauge Data.xlsx, in .xlsx file format.

These data were taken from multiple sources, and represent several radar sites and rain gauge sites. The spreadsheet has two columns, Gauge (mm) and Radar (mm), and 12, 734 rows of data.

The data file comprises two columns of rainfall data; Gauge and Radar. Gauge consists of rainfall values in millimeters given by the recording gauge following the precipitation event. Radar consists of estimated rainfall values in millimeters given by the dual-pol radar estimates prior to the precipitation event.

Background and objectives: Prediction of rainfall using the upgrade to the Doppler Radar, the Dual-Polarization (dual-pol) technology, relies on synthesizing the signal information that the radars receive back from the atmosphere.

The data in this article represent multiple gauge sets and multiple radar sites of like-type Dual-Polarization (dual-pol) data sets combined to produce populations of ordered pairs. Publications both recent and those spanning decades specific to dual-pol radar sites contain graphs of data pairs of radar precipitation estimates versus rain gauge precipitation readings. The data are relevant to other researchers involved in investigating the association of dual-pol radar data and gauge precipitation estimate relationships.


This research was funded by a research fund supporting Faculty in the Mathematics Department at the United States Military Academy.

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