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Figure 4: Summary matrices visualizing the external connections between modules identified across each level of the corpus. Prominent internal module nodes (keywords) are indicated on the x-axis, while core external partner nodes (in external modules) are represented on the y-axis. Colors are indicative of normalized levels of external connectivity, with lighter colors denoting a larger number of normalized connections (note: original count data is clearly indicated). Panel A: Full Corpus modularity analytics demonstrating cross talk between the psychologically themed M1 and physiologically themed M2. Panels B and C: Decade 1 and Decade 2 modularity analytics respectively, demonstrating external connections between core modules. While Decade 1’s self-identified clusters appear to display nuanced levels of integration in M1 and M3, closer inspection demonstrates these are limited to arguably higher-level external psychological constructs such as ‘Autism’ and ‘Children’. Further, Decade 2 M2 and M4 display a range of external junctures, yet these appear to be largely intra-thematic. For yearly (1994, 2006, 2015) assessment see Supplementary Figure 4.


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