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Fish and insect diversification

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modified on 11.04.2021, 20:24
Data sets used for the paper 'Radiating Pain: Venom has Contributed to the Diversification of the Largest Radiations of Vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals'. Two family-level phylogenies (of fishes and insects) are provided as well as two csv files that are structures identically - one for fishes, one for insects. These datasets consist of information for each Family on species richness (diversity), whether the family contains venomous representatives (venom) and in the few cases where there is a combination of venomous and non-venomous representatives within a single family the minimum and maximum number and proportion are included to provide information on uncertainty (minNvensp, maxNvensp, minprop, maxprop), crown age (cage), stem age (sage), and estimated diversification rates based on crown (cdivex0.x) or stem ages (sdivex0.x) assuming extinction fractions of 0, 0.5, or 0.9 (Xdivex0, Xdivex0.5 or Xdivex0.9).