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The BEST dataset of language proficiency

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The BEST dataset of language proficiency

BEST.txt and BEST.xlsx

The main files contains the complete BEST dataset with the raw data per participant and task in a tab-delimited plain text format and in a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.


1) Picture-Naming Test Materials.pdf 

Picture-Naming Test Materials.pdf contains the stimuli and basic instructions to run the picture-naming subtest of the BEST.

2) LexTALE Test Materials.pdf

LexTALE Test Materials.pdf contains the stimuli of the English, Spanish and Basque versions of the LexTALE tests.

3) Questions and interview instructions.pdf

Questions and interview instructions.pdf contains basic information about the specific questions included in the abridged version of the language background questionnaire and the commands given to the raters who leaded the interview process.


This research has been partially funded by grants PSI2015-65689-P and SEV-2015-0490 from the Spanish Government, AThEME-613465 from the European Union and a personal fellowship given by the BBVA Foundation to one of the authors.