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Beta maps

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modified on 2021-05-28, 12:05
Single-trial beta maps for Mazor, Dijkstra & Fleming (2021).

Trials were modeled as 33 ms events locked to stimulus onset.
The design matrix included nuisance regressors for physiological
variables, motion parameters, and a constant run-wise regressor.

Beta maps are stored as nifti files (e.g., 'beta_0001.nii').

Information about trial order and behavioural data is
available in the SPM.mat file (field

For example, for sub-MP02312{3} is
'Sn(1) YN_detection_1_stimulus_1_response_0_

This means that beta_0003.nii for this participant corresponds to:

Sn(1): this is the first session (run).

YN: a trial where a target was present and the participant
missed it. Other options are YY (hit) NY (false alarm) and NN
(correct rejection). In discrimination, options are CC, CA, AC AA
where the first letter corresponds to the stimulus (Clockwise or
Anticlockwise) and the second to the response.

detection_1: this is a detection trial. detection_0 corresponds
to a discrimintion trial

stimulus_1: the grating was tilted clockwise. stimulus_3 corresponds
to an anticlockwise tilt, and stimulus_0 to the absence of a grating.

response_0: the participant responded with 'no'. a detection 'yes'
response is coded as 1. Indiscrimination, clockwise and
anticlockwise responses are coded as 1 and 3, respectively.

confidence_2: The participant reported a confidence level of 2 on a
1-6 scale.

RT_0.80: RT was 0.8 seconds.


Improving self-awareness: Manipulating the neural substrates of self-belief

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