Solution to Travelling Salesman Problem by Clusters and a Modified Multi-Restart Iterated Local Search Metaheuristic

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This article finds feasible solutions to the travelling salesman problem, obtaining the route with the shortest distance to visit cities just once, returning to the starting city. The problem addressed is clustering the cities, then using the NEH heuristic, which provides an initial solution that it is refined using a modification of the metaheuristic Multi-Restart Iterated Local Search MRSILS; finally, clusters are joined to end the route with the minimum distance to the travelling salesman problem. The contribution of this research is the use of the metaheuristic MRSILS, that in our knowledge it had not been used to solve the travelling salesman problem using clusters. The main objective of this article is to demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is more efficient than Genetic Algorithms when clusters are used. To demonstrate the above, both algorithms are compared with some cases taken from the literature, also a comparison with the best-known results is done. In addition, statistical studies are made in the same conditions to demonstrate this fact. Our method obtains better results in all the 10 cases compared. Some archives of the test for comparison are loaded


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