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Translation: Love with distance is love of idiots. My grandmother was not a big fan of long distance relationships. Was she right? Can you not find your soul mate 15,000 miles away in another country or another continent? Or with the internet can you find the one..miles and miles away?

There are two problems with living in Australia: 1) it is in the middle of bloody nowhere and 2) you can accidentally fall in love with all the foreign gay boys that visit it. I tend to have a lot of problems with the latter. I love Europeans but I live in Australia.

I am contemplating my very own first long distance relationship….with the Austrian. Yeah, I know I only spent a total of 12 hours with Paul. Yes, he is an Austrian flight attendant. Yeah, it was 12 magical hours spent mostly in his hotel suite overlooking Hyde Park on a perfect summer night. But the more we keep emailing each other and the more we chat online and text message…the more I realize I am starting to really like this guy. I have made a list of the potential perfect dates that we could have when I next see him. I think about what he is doing in Austria, what he is eating for breakfast when I am having dinner an whether he is snoring while he is sleeping.

He is scheduled to come back to Sydney in May…probably around the sametime that I will be leaving for Hawaii. What is it about me and European boys? I had a pseudo relationship with a Norwegian boy about two years that went no where. Might explain why I am single. You must have a tourist visa in order for me to be interested! That is what my mother would say!

Long distance relationships can work…my friend Todd and his partner Will are proof. Todd and Will met online 18 months ago. Todd lives in Sydney and Will in London. Yet they manage to see each other every four months and have been together and monogamous. They never fight and now are planning to get married in the UK at the end of the year. Todd says it is all about finding the right person..the distance or location won’t matter…if it is meant to be.

I have always said that long distance relationships would not work for me. I grew up in America…land of immediate gratification. I cannot wait to shag my boyfriend, spoil or cuddle him…or can I? I mean..I have been single for the last four years…what is the big deal about waiting until May?

I may already be obsessing too much about this….a clear sign that it is already a complicated relationship. Maybe my grandmother meant to say that love…with our without distance..... makes you a total idiot!