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ACM TVX is the leading international conference for research into online video, TV interaction and user experience. It is a multi-disciplinary conference that addresses the different domains in the TV and online media ecosystems, including content production, implementation/deployment, design of novel interaction techniques and devices, new content distribution models, user research, user experience and exploration of interactive experiences for TV and online video.

ACM TVX2017 ( has featured full and short papers, work-in-progress, demo and Doctoral consortium tracks, TVX-in-Industry contributions and five wonderful workshops.

In this adjunct proceedings volume, you can find all Workshop contributions as well as TVX-in-Industry papers. Workshop papers are marked with the workshop number (WSx) at the beginning of the paper title, according to the following mapping:

- WS2 = Converging User-Generated Material with Professional Video User Experiences
- WS3 = Workshop on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Broadcasting (IDB 2017)
- WS4 = In-Programme Personalisation for Broadcast (IPP4B)

The collection of the material has been curated by the TVX2017 Workshop Chairs, Katrien de Moor, Rene Kaiser and Hokyoung Ryu, and the TVX-in-Industry chairs, Johan Oomen, Igor Curcio, and Ali Begen. The TVX community is very grateful to all of them for their dedication and precious work.


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