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PONE-D-18-34216 Walker synchronization

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modified on 2019-05-23, 21:38
Videos of pairs of people walking in cities (.avi files) with pose estimates in image coordinates (.pkl files)

Video files are provided for videos that have a Creative Commons license. URLs for all videos are provided in file S1.csv.

Walker data files (Python .pkl files) contain pose estimates from each frame in image coordinates
Python .pkl files contain columns with information for each frame of the video file.

Legend for .pkl files

Column : data

frame : video frame index

person : walker index with separate label for each walker belonging to the pair

part : body part index of key point with separate labels for each body part (Neck: 1, Right ankle: 10, Left ankle: 13, Right ear: 16, Left ear: 17 )

x: x coordinates of key point in pixel units

y: y coordinates of key point in pixel units

c: confidence level for key point