A large normative connectome for exploring the tractographic correlates of focal brain interventions

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All files and scripts necessary for use of the dTOR-985 structural connectome are provided here. A 1000-subject high-resolution fractional anisotropy template generated during the creation of this connectome is also provided. The dTOR-985 connectome is a normative, whole-brain, ~12-million-streamline tractogram in MNI space that enables researchers to interrogate fiber streamlines that are likely perturbed by given ROIs, even in the absence of subject-specific dMRI data. It is assembled from the multi-shell dMRI data of 985 healthy Human Connectome Project subjects using generalized Q-sampling imaging and multispectral normalization techniques. The dTOR-985 can be utilized in standalone fashion via custom-built matlab code, which is provided here. It can alternatively be used within the Lead-DBS software package (


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