Workshops, games and activities used in teaching information literacy skills

Published on (GMT) by Adam Edwards
This webpage contains information on the workshops, games and activities which we have developed to teach information literacy to our students at Middlesex University. Please download, save, open and read the Using our games and activities document for full details on how all this works. Our use of games was inspired by Susan Boyle (College Liaison Librarian, University College Dublin) thanks to her presentation at LILAC 2011. Our teaching and learning principles were inspired by Sharon Markless (Senior Lecturer Higher Education, Kings College London), in particular ‘Teaching information literacy in HE: What? Where? How’ which she presented at CILIP Dec 2010. Other people have also inspired and influenced us including library colleagues from Middlesex University, Phil Bradley (Information Specialist and Internet Consultant), Amanda Clossen (Librarian: Penn State University) and Alan Turner (Librarian: Art University Bournemouth). The document below describes how we provide information skills training for two of our subject areas: Computing and Product Design. Templates for all our games and activities plus worksheets are available alongside this document and the relevant game, activity or worksheet is noted at the end of each section below. This work has led to our joint Doctorate in Professional Studies by Public Works (DProf) awarded in 2016. If you would like more information, please email: Adam Edwards Vanessa Hill
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