Traveling Bands, Clouds, and Vortices of Chiral Active Matter

Published on by Nikita Kruk
We consider stochastic dynamics of self-propelled particles with nonlocal normalized alignment interactions subject to phase lag. The role of the lag is to indirectly generate chirality into particle motion. To understand large scale behavior, we derive a continuum description of an active Brownian particle (ABP) flow with macroscopic scaling in the form of a partial differential equation (PDE) for a one-particle probability density function (DF). Due to indirect chirality, we find a new spatially homogeneous nonstationary analytic solution for this class of equations. Our development of kinetic and hydrodynamic theories towards such a solution reveals the existence of a wide variety of spatially nonhomogeneous patterns reminiscent of traveling bands, clouds, and vortical structures of linear active matter. Our model may thereby serve as the basis for understanding the nature of chiral active media and designing multiagent swarms with designated behavior. These are the videos related to our recent preprint in arXiv:2001.09197.

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