Supplementary Material to "Fixation properites in rock-paper-scissors games in fluctuating populations"

Published on by Robert West
In this Supplementary Material (SM), we provide additional information about the relationships between various rock-paper-scissors models (Section 1), and further technical details concerning the stages 1 and 2 dynamics (Section 2 and 3). We also analyze the population composition at the inception of Stage 2 (Section 4), as well as the mean extinction, absorption and fixation times (Section 5) and discuss the average number of switches occurring in Stages 1 and 2. The notation in this SM is the same as in the main text; all equations not given in this SM refer to those of the main text. The e-print of the main text is available at the following URLs: and

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EPSRC PhD Studentship (EP/N509681/1)