Published on (GMT) by Brook Tozer
This repository contains all data sets generated as part of Tozer et al., (2019) Global bathymetry and topography at 15 arc seconds: SRTM15+ These data are available in various file formats, as described in Section 5 of the paper. To view and interact with these data on a 'digital globe', readers are recommended to download and install the freely available GPlates software [] and open the GPlates project [SRTM15+V2.0.gproj] located in the GPlates directory. Note, once unzipped the GPLATES directory requires 138 GB of free disk space. Google Earth Pro offers an alternative digital globe [] for users that lack the required disk space for the Gplates project. The .kmz files in the GOOGLE_EARTH directory are only 40 KB in total as they are linked to raster data hosted at However, this method requires a stable internet connection.
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