PageRank scores of some RDF graphs

Published on by Dennis Diefenbach
This project contains datasets containing the PageRank scores for some RDF graphs, namely: Wikidata (, DBpedia (, Dblp (, Musicbrainz (, Freebase ( and the Scigraph. They where computed using PageRankRDF ( The scores are expressed using the vRank vocabulary. The offered files are in HDT format. It compresses the RDF files letting them at the same time querieble. You are not familiar with HDT and you want the RDF files in turtle of ntriples? If you are more a java guy you can follow the instruction here: If you are more a c/c++ guy you can follow the instructions here: And remember, HDT is one of the key technology of the Semantic Web, you will get a lot of advantages by getting in touch with it!

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