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Published on by Elaine Azzopardi
PERICLES: PRESERVING AND SUSTAINABLY GOVERNING CULTURAL HERITAGE AND LANDSCAPES IN EUROPEAN COASTAL AND MARITIME REGIONS PERICLES is a H2020 project that ran form 2018-2021. PERICLES enables sustainable usage of maritime and coastal cultural heritage​. Looking across Europe, coastal peoples’ cultural heritage tells a story of hundreds – even a thousand– years of connections with their marine and coastal environments. This cultural heritage provides a sense of place, unity, and belonging to people; it connects people to each other and to the past and helps guide our future. But coastal and maritime cultural heritage is at risk today from climate change, pollution, urbanisation, mass tourism, population decline in rural areas, the loss of traditional fishing fleets, neglect, and inconsistent policies of sea and shore conservation across European regions. PERICLES thus works to show the potentials and opportunities of Europe’s diverse cultural heritage, while protecting and preserving it for future generations. The data added here is the project data that forms the basis of the article What are heritage values? Integrating natural and cultural heritage into environmental valuation, in People and Nature.

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PERICLES – Preserving and Sustainably Governing Cultural Heritage and Landscapes in European Coastal and Maritime Regions. H2020 Grant Agreement 770504