New Zealand Geospatial Research Conference (NZGRC) 2022

Published on by Antoni Moore

The New Zealand Geospatial Research Conference (NZGRC) 2022 (Massey University, Wellington, NZ, 29-30 August 2022) has the theme "Finding our way to an open world".

Geospatial data is essential for adequate management of many of the challenges the world faces, the conference bringing together geospatial researchers at all career levels from around New Zealand and the region to share their latest research. 

The past two years have seen increased restrictions on physical movement around the world, but also increased need for cross-border, cross-discipline and cross-domain data access, use and visualisation. We are also on the cusp of a step-change in how we live and work. How we can harness these changes for the benefit of society is key.

Many of the world’s contemporary challenges include a location component at a variety of scales. Geospatial information helps us to make sense of the problems and gives us a better way of framing and addressing them. Knowing where people and things are, and their relationship to each other, is essential for evidence-informed decision-making. Not only is real-time information needed to prepare for, and respond to, things like the ongoing pandemic, natural disasters and political crises, but location-based services are helping governments to develop strategic priorities, make decisions, and measure and monitor outcomes.

NZGRC-2022 brings the geospatial community together to explore how research in geospatial science and technology can help to address these challenges over the coming decades – both in terms of technological foundations and applied areas – and to consider how geospatial research can contribute to an open world. The conference showcases the latest research by featuring a mix of full papers, short papers, lightning talks, posters and workshops. Contributions come from academics, postgraduates, Crown Research Institutes, and the private sector.

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