Menelik: A detailed human head computational model (data)

Published on by Behailu Kibret
We have developed a detailed human head model named "Menelik", in both voxel and triangular surface mesh formats, based on the Visible Human Project (VHP) male image data set. The model has 33 different anatomical structures that were indexed to 23 voxel regions based on their electromagnetic material properties. The model was validated and tested by simulating a scenario of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and by computing the specific absorption rate (SAR) from a transmit coil of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). At the time of this entry (June 2018), Menelik is the only detailed human body model that is available in both voxel and mesh formats, tested for finite element method (FEM) meshability, and freely distributed. The image segmentation was performed by utilizing the tools of Adobe Photoshop and Matlab. The color cross-sectional image slices of the VHP data set (222 head slices) were segmented with the help of the Atlas of the Visible Human Male. The CT and MRI images in the VHP image data set were also cross-referenced for boundaries that are not clearly visible in the color image. Triangular surface meshes of the segmented anatomical structures were constructed by the built-in marching cube algorithm of Mango (Multi-Image Analysis GUI software). Mesh surface simplification, smoothing, and cleaning were performed using MeshLab. Boundary overlap and gaps resolving was carried out using CST Studio, in ACIS formats. Voxel data was generated from the final surface mesh model using custom Matlab codes. This project data collection contains: a) The Menelik head voxel model in (RAW data for CST stuido, NIFTI, DICOM, DS file formats) b) The Menelik head surface mesh model (in STL and SAT file formats) c) Different videos and images showing the Menelik model and electromagnetic simulation test results. The Menelik model was tested in electromagnetic simulation (tDCS and SAR calculation from MRI transmit coil) using the voxel RAW file (hexahedral voumteric mesh) and SAT surface mesh file (tetrahedral and hexahedral volumetric meshes). For any questions regarding the model, contact Dr Behailu Kibret (

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This project is part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) project (project number DE180101211, awarded to Dr Behailu Kibret).