The Leila Sansour Project

Published on (GMT) by Freja Howat-Maxted
The Leila Sansour Project is part of the Planet Bethlehem Digital Archive. The project consists of materials collected by Bethlehem filmmaker Leila Sansour during over 10 years of documentary film making in Bethlehem. The materials include a large collection of historic prints, postcards, magic lantern slides, old newspaper clippings and news footage, as well as Leila's own photographic and video work. _____________________________________________________________________ The project is currently divided into 5 collections (click on the links below to explore each collection): . ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Photographs and Prints ______________________________________________________________________ 2. Postcards and Stamps ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Magic Lantern Slides ______________________________________________________________________ 4. Children's Parade ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Checkpoint 300
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