Debating Nature's Value

Published on by Aled Jones
This research project on the value of nature, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, (AHRC), is now in its second stage, with a year-long partnership with ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales). The first stage of the project brought together a dynamic network of experts and stakeholders - from artists, academics and practitioners, to campaigners, policy makers and business people – to collaborate and debate the issues around natural capital. Focusing initially on the East of England, the workshop and discussions hosted by the Network engaged with current discourse and aimed to inform policy and the way nature is valued in the UK and beyond. Our collaboration with the accountants involves a process of commissioning papers, giving different perspectives on the "natural capital" concept, and discussing then via a series of seminars. As accountants are tasked with producing the valuation figures, and contributing to policy in companies and at national level, we hope that through this exploration of different positions will help to widen their understanding of these undertakings.

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