Chordoma Foundation In Vivo Drug Screening Program

Published on by Chordoma Foundation
This folder contains the results of testing various drugs in patient and cell-derived xenograft models (PDX and CDX respectively) as part of the Chordoma Foundation's Drug Screening Program. Information on the specific PDX and CDX models used for drug testing can be found at: The description for each Figure includes the dose, route of administration and dosing schedule of the drug being tested, the duration of treatment in days, and the strain of mice used to grow the xenograft model. The description also contains values for Tumor Growth Inhibition (TGI) expressed in percent with a corresponding p-value which is considered statistically significant if p<0.05. TGI is defined in the following formula: %TGI = 1 – (TXfavg – TXiavg) / (Cfavg – Ciavg) where f= mean tumor volume on the final day recorded, i is the mean tumor volume recorded on Day 0, TX is the treated group and C is the control, untreated group. Responses are also included. Partial Responder (PR) is defined as Tumor Volume ≥ 50% regression versus Day 0 for two consecutive measurements over a period of ≥7 days during or at study completion. Complete Responder (CR) is defined as Tumor Volume < 15 cubic mm for two consecutive measurements over a period of ≥7 days during or at study completion.

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