ACM TVX 2016 Adjunct Proceedings

Published on (GMT) by ACM TVX 2016 Santosh Basapur
At IIT Institute of Design (ID), we are excited to bring the International Conference on Interactive TV and Online Video (ACM TVX2016) to Chicago, USA. We love this opportunity to connect the great academic and industry institutions of our region with world-class researchers in multi-disciplinary aspects of Interactive Media Systems. We believe that a number of companies and academic institutions of USA would benefit from exposure to this collection of research papers and industry talks. In this era of curved televisions, large screen smartphones, the Internet of Things, and data in "the cloud," there are many new opportunities for interactions and immersion in rich media and social life around it. The iTV research community has conducted rigorous inquiries into the roles of various disciplines including design, psychology, sociology, and technology to create iTV and online video systems that support meaningful immersion in media.
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