Very sharp adiabatic bends based on inverse design

Published on 2018-05-15T18:08:14Z (GMT) by
Very sharp 90°micro-bends for adiabatic optical wave propagation in multimode waveguides are demonstrated by inverse design method and the devices are fabricated on silicon-on-insulator platform. The compact bending structures are based on digital waveguide metastructures with footprints as small as 2.6×2.6 μm². For waveguides width of 2μm and bending radius of only 1 μm, the TE00 mode is able to turn around the sharp corner with 1dB loss and >20 dB suppression ratio to higher order modes. The transmission spectra of the devices are measured with ~1 dB loss over 40 nm bandwidth which are consistent with the numerical simulations.

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Liu, Yingjie; Sun, Wenzhao; Xie, Hucheng; Zhang, Nan; Xu, Ke; Yao, Yong; et al. (2018): Very sharp adiabatic bends based on inverse design. The Optical Society. Collection.