Varifocal zoom imaging with large area focal length adjustable metalenses

Published on 2018-07-06T20:56:11Z (GMT) by
Varifocal lenses are essential components of dynamic optical systems with applications in photography, mixed reality, and microscopy. Metasurface optics has strong potential for creating tunable flat optics. Existing tunable metalenses, however, typically require microelectromechanical actuators, which cannot be scaled to large area devices, or rely on high voltages to stretch a flexible substrate and achieve a sufficient tuning range. Here, we build a 1 cm aperture varifocal metalens system at 1550 nm wavelength inspired by an Alvarez lens, fabricated using high-throughput stepper photolithography. We demonstrate a nonlinear change in focal length by minimally actuating two cubic phase metasurfaces laterally, with focusing efficiency as high as 57% and a wide focal length change of more than 6 cm (> 200%). We also test a lens design at visible wavelength and conduct varifocal zoom imaging with a demonstrated 4x zoom capability without any other optical elements in the imaging path.

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Majumdar, Arka; Colburn, Shane; Zhan, Alan (2018): Varifocal zoom imaging with large area focal length adjustable metalenses. The Optical Society. Collection.