Time-Dependent Finite Element Analysis of <i>In Vivo</i> Electrochemotherapy Treatment

Published on 2018-08-08T12:00:00Z (GMT) by
<div><p>Electrochemotherapy and irreversible electroporation are gaining importance in clinical practice for the treatment of solid tumors. For successful treatment, it is extremely important that the coverage and exposure time of the treated tumor to the electric field are within the specified range. In order to ensure successful coverage of the entire target volume with sufficiently strong electric fields, numerical treatment planning has been proposed and its use has also been demonstrated in practice. Most of numerical models in treatment planning are based on charge conservation equation and are not able to provide time course of electric current, electrical conductivity, or electric field distribution changes established in the tissue during pulse delivery. Recently, a model based on inverse analysis of experimental data that delivers time course of tissue electroporation has been introduced. The aim of this study was to apply the previously reported time-dependent numerical model to a complex <i>in vivo</i> example of electroporation with different tissue types and with a long-term follow-up. The model, consisting of a tumor placed in the liver with 2 needle electrodes inserted in the center of the tumor and 4 around the tumor, was validated by comparison of measured and calculated time course of applied electric current. Results of simulations clearly indicated that proposed numerical model can successfully capture transient effects, such as evolution of electric current during each pulse, and effects of pulse frequency due to electroporation effects in the tissue. Additionally, the model can provide evolution of electric field amplitude and electrical conductivity in the tumor with consecutive pulse sequences.</p></div>

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Pintar, Matevž; Langus, Janez; Edhemović, Ibrahim; Brecelj, Erik; Kranjc, Matej; Sersa, Gregor; et al. (2018): Time-Dependent Finite Element Analysis of In Vivo Electrochemotherapy Treatment. SAGE Journals. Collection.