Theory of Kerr instability amplification

Published on 2018-03-06T18:46:47Z (GMT) by
A new amplification method based on the optical Kerr instability is suggested and theoretically analyzed, with emphasis on the near- to mid-infrared wavelength regime. Our analysis for CaF$_2$ and KBr crystals shows that one to two cycle pulse amplification by 3-4 orders of magnitude in the wavelength range from $1-14\,\mu$m is feasible with currently available laser sources. At $14\,\mu$m final output energies in the 50 $\mu$J range are achievable corresponding to about 0.2-0.25\% of the pump energy. The Kerr instability presents a promising process for the amplification of ultrashort mid-infrared pulses.

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Nesrallah, Michael; Vampa, Giulio; Bart, Graeme; Corkum, Paul; McDonald, Chris; Brabec, Thomas (2018): Theory of Kerr instability amplification. The Optical Society. Collection.