The geophysics contributions from the QJEGH, 1967 – 2015

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This paper reviews the geophysics contributions of the QJEGH (and forerunner QJEG) over the last 50 years in support of engineering geology, hydrogeology and ground engineering. It includes a brief history of some world and national influences on the ascent of geophysics over this time. The fundamental objectives behind geophysical surveying and monitoring are recapped before presenting contributions, across a range of geophysical methods, within a framework of applications, originally devised by the Geological Society Engineering Group Working Party for Engineering Geophysics in 1988. Three-quarters of the papers reviewed focused on UK geology. Seismic, electrical resistivity and thermal methods accounted for 60% of the contributions, with magnetic, gravity and seismicity accounting for a further 24%. Some contributions are highlighted in each of the applications sections; these were considered exemplars of good practice, of good data, or considered by the reviewer to be innovative (at the time). Tables classifying around 140 papers into geophysical themes will enable practitioners to utilize the Geological Society Online Lyell Collection to review appropriate geological and hydrogeological contexts for successful engineering geophysical applications in support of future engineering.

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