Single-mode solarization-free hollow-core fiber for ultraviolet pulse delivery

Published on 2018-04-13T18:36:01Z (GMT) by
In this paper, we report anti-resonant silica hollow-core fibers (AR-HCFs) for solarization-free ultraviolet (UV) pulse transmission. The new fibers reported have lower attenuation than any previous HCFs for this spectral range. We report a single fiber that guides over a part of the UV-C and the whole of the UV-A spectral regions in adjacent transmission bands. A second AR-HCF is used for delivery of 17 nanosecond laser pulses at 266 nm at 30 kHz repetition rate. The fiber maintained a constant transmission, free of silica fluorescence and solarization-induced fiber degradation, while delivering 0.46 μJ pulses for a period of over one hour. By direct comparison we demonstrate that the single-mode AR-HCF significantly outperforms commercially-available high-OH and solarization-resistant silica multimode fibers for pulsed light delivery in this spectral range.

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Yu, Fei; Cann, Maria; BRUNTON, ADAM; Wadsworth, William; Knight, Jonathan (2018): Single-mode solarization-free hollow-core fiber for ultraviolet pulse delivery. The Optical Society. Collection.