ShuTu: Open-Source Software for Neuron Reconstruction

Published on 2017-11-27T18:54:44Z (GMT) by Nelson Spruston
<p>ShuTu (Chinese for "dendrite") is a software platform for semi-automated reconstruction of neuronal morphology. It is designed for neurons stained following patch-clamp recording and biocytin filling/staining. With an additional preprocessing step, it can also handle fluorescence images from confocal stacks.</p> <p>Even when there is only a single neuron in the imaged volume, automated reconstruction is tricky, because of background. Thus, ShuTu was developed to facilitate a two-step process: automated reconstruction, followed by manual correction. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to perform the automated reconstruction, as well as a convenient user interface to facilitate efficient completion of the reconstruction via manual annotation.</p>

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Spruston, Nelson; Jin, Dezhe; Zhao, Ting; Hunt, David; Pearcy, Rachel; Hsu, Ching-Lung (2017): ShuTu: Open-Source Software for Neuron Reconstruction. figshare. Collection.