SIAM CSE21 Minisymposium: Wash Your Hands, Wear a Mask, Keep the Bugs Out

Posted on 2021-03-17 - 15:16

Scientific software development is much larger that just coding.

It is not uncommon for a developer or a project manager to declare a feature to be implemented the moment it is known to compile with no errors, way before it is committed to the central repo, passed any review, quality control, or had a chance to be documented, tested, and deployed in the production environment.

The roots of this behaviour are in a widespread misconception that software is ready once the coding is completed, and putting it to work is unimportant trivial routine that somehow happens on its own.

We would like to address this misconception and have a conversation about non-coding aspects of scientific software development, things that frequently stay under the radars but are integral to transforming pieces of code into a successful software product.

Come and join our session on DevOps challenges, tool, and practices, we'll be happy to see y'all!

Minisymposium MS298:


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